How Much Do You Weigh?

Actually I’m interested in knowing how stable or not stable your weight has been since you’ve been an adult, say starting at 20 years old.

The reason I am asking is because of the concept of ‘set point theory’. This theory assumes that our adult bodyweight is genetically predetermined and that it’s ‘set’ at a certain size. The theory depends on the idea that we are weight stable for our adult life, otherwise what the heck is your set point if you’re not set and stable at it!?

Anyway, from what I can gather most people don’t stay at the same weight their whole life at all but rather they fluctuate quite a bit. I know I have and some preliminary info I have suggests the same for lots of people.

So I’d like to know what your body weight has been since you’ve been an adult. Did you gain weight, did you lose weight, if so how? Did you gain weight from emotional eating? Stress eating? Was it marriage weight gain, kids, a divorce, losing a job, getting a sedentary job, an injury, lack of exercise?

If you managed to lose weight  how did you  do it? Exercise? Diet? Both? Surgery? Drug? All of this stuff? None of this stuff?

If you don’t mind sharing I’d appreciate hearing how your weight has changed (or not) since you’ve been an adult.

You can put your story in the comment section, or if you feel comfortable emailing it instead you can email me at johnbarban (at) gmail (d0t) com