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  • Money for Muscle

    Money for Muscle

    If you walk into any health food store you’ll see a wall of supposed muscle building supplements. Each one with fantastic claims about protein synthesis, strength, power, weight gain, boosting hormons and enzymatic pathways and on and on. There are muscle building supplements for pre workout, post workout, morning, night, morning AND night, testosterone boosters,…

  • Top 50 Health Supplements

    Top 50 Health Supplements

    About 20 mins from my place there is a mini market that has a great salad bar. You can get a really good salad with just about anything you want on it. It’s easily the best salad bar I’ve ever been too and it’s also the most affordable (nice!). This same market is joined to…

  • Dietary Supplement “Products”

    Dietary Supplement “Products”

    A dietary supplement seems like a pretty simple concept: Find a few herbs or ingredients that have some sort of effect on the body then sell them to anyone who is looking for that effect. But when you start to look at it closer it isn’t this simple. Consumers typically focus on the ingredients in…