Getting in Shape is a Process not a Destination

When I started working out I was about 16-17 years old. A buddy of mine and I both got weight sets and we worked out at each others houses in our basements. I was about 5’10 or so and 145-150lbs. I was pretty lanky, and I didn’t really know what I was doing. All I knew is that I wanted to be bigger, that’s it.

Best shape of my life at age 37

I read bodybuilding magazines to find out how to workout (the internet didn’t exist back then). After about a year of working out with weights at home I was finally ready to graduate up to going to a gym. This was an entirely new experience. There was so much more equipment and so many new exercises to try. There were also so many new people to talk to and observe. I tried every exercise I saw the bigger guys doing.

I talked to as many people as I could and tried to find out what worked best for them. I wanted to experiment with everything they had done so I could experience for myself.

This lead me to experimenting with all kinds of workout patterns and philosophies, supplements and even drugs. I wanted to experience it all.

Now 20 years later I can say I know whats its like to train with a world class powerlifting team, top level amateur bodybuilders, varsity athletes (hockey, football and rugby), and most recently fitness and figure competitors.

I know what it feels like to use steroids and bulk up to 250lbs, and I know what it’s like to come down off of those drugs and rediscover my body without drugs and find it’s natural strength and size limits.

Along the way I’ve worked at multiple sport supplement companies and had access to products and ingredients and used them at doses that nobody would dare try and could not afford (unless they were working there with me).

I’ve tried low carb diets, high protein diets, high fat diets, mega bulk up diets, you name it I’ve tried it.

I guess you could say that the past 20 years has been an ongoing experiment with my body, exercise and diet.

The experiment isn’t over. At 37 years of age I’m in what I could easily say is the best shape of my life and my next order of business is to see how long I can maintain this condition.

Working out and paying attention to the way your diet affects your body isn’t a passing fad, or a phase that you go in and out of…at least not if you expect to have lasting results. This is a lifestyle, and something that has to be placed at the top of your priority list.

The point is that this is a process that never stops, and that doesn’t necessarily have a destination. It may have detours and stops along the way, but overall the look, shape and condition of your body will always be your responsibility and within your power to control if you choose to.

Your job is to decide what you want to do with your body, and then start the process that will make it happen.