What do People do Together Besides EAT?

As a follow up to my last post I am curious to hear what you do with friends besides eat and/or drink.

When friends get together food is usually there too!
When friends get together food is usually there too!

It seems that most social gatherings revolve around eating and drinking.

I was looking through some of the answers to the previous top 10 post and realized that many people assumed the meal in question was meant to be eaten alone, and then the solution was simply to go hang out with friends. At this point I would assume that you will probably end up eating food with your friends as well.

Then I started to think about it some more, and realized that there is almost no social gathering I can think of that doesn’t involve some sort of food or beverage consumption. This can be as simple as going out for a coffee, right up to a thanksgiving dinner Eat-A-Thon. It’s actually quite difficult to think of a social gathering that doesn’t have food or beverages involved. It’s actually so difficult that I can’t think of any.

So, my next question to you is this:

List or think of any social gatherings that you partake in (or can think of) that do not involve consuming either food or drink.

For just a second I thought perhaps playing a recreational sport would count, but most people bring gatorade or some sort of electrolyte beverage to even recreational ‘beer league’ events. So I’m half and half on this one (mostly because gatorade simply isn’t necessary unless you’re playing in extreme heat or for prolonged periods of time…in any other case water does just fine)

I actually can’t think of anything…can you? (please answer in the comment section)