Strong or Jacked…what do you want?


Strong or Jacked

Most guys start working out with the intention of building muscle and having a ripped body. If anything strength is simply a side effect of bigger muscles. But somewhere along the line many guys get caught up training for strength instead of bigger muscles. They start worrying about how many plates they have on the bar for a bench press or a squat or deadlift and their original goal of bigger muscles and a ripped body is completely out the door.

Some guys get caught in this pattern of training for strength for years, maybe even decades. Along with this comes the belief that you must be big, bulked up, and in some cases just plain ole fat to be strong.

But if this person thinks back to what they truly wanted when they started lifting weights, it was always to look good, to build impressive muscle, AND be lean.

Goal hijacking happens without us noticing it, thats why you’ve got to remind yourself what you’re really doing and what you really want on a regular basis.

Do you want to be stronger at all costs even at the expense of being fat. OR do you want to build lean muscle, have an impressive physique, and take whatever strength that comes along with it?

My guess is 99% of guys want the latter.

Unless you’re an olympic weight lifting champion there is no reason to pursue strength purely for the sake of being strong.

Get clear with your true goal and then take at look at what you’re doing in the gym. If they don’t match up you’ve got some adjustments to make.