Diet and Fitness Answers vs Truth

In the interweb age you can find ‘answers’ to any question you can think of asking, but this doesn’t mean you’ve arrived a ‘truth’.

A Psychic will give you an answer, but it isn't the truth.

This is largely how the diet and fitness industry works, delivering ‘answers’ without really delivering truth.

People want to spot reduce fat (scientifically determined to be impossible) but you can buy a diet book with the answer to spot reduction.

People want to gain more muscle than is genetically possible (think about that for a second, it’s genetically impossible)…but there are program to do just that.

People want to know how to lose weight without reducing their calories (again, this is impossible) but there are program that say how to do it.

There are even books on how to grow taller! Yes, grow taller.

The point is that if you have a question, there is an answer out there, but that doesn’t mean you’ve arrived at the truth.

The next time you have a question and you think you’ve arrived at the be all end all answer, do a bit more reading and see if there is an alternative theory. Getting a balanced view of what your options are is smarter than falling for the next too good to be true answer.

In the end you just want to reach your goal and having the truth is going to be the fastest way to get there.