Groupthink – Holding You Back From Real Weight Loss Results

A comment on one of my recent blog posts described my views on nutrition and fitness as contrary to what everyone else is saying.

This commenter also said it required a “leap of faith” to follow my idea’s for weight loss. (which happens to be Eat Stop Eat and simply less calories in than out)

My solution for weight loss is simple, but most fitness/diet marketers cannot sell such a simple solution.

Instead the diet industry is constantly constructing complex routines and programs for you to read about and hide the truth of calories in vs calories out.

In short, my solution puts me outside of the ‘group’…therefore following my lead seems to require a ‘leap of faith’.

This is not surprising considering the concept of ‘groupthink’ and how it can lead a mass of people further and further down the wrong path. This is precisely what happens in the diet and fitness industry, and especially with respect to the concept of weight loss being nothing more than calories in vs calories out.

A major reason that many ideas and concepts never gain mainstream popularity is because of ‘group think’.

Groupthink is when you ignore people with opposite or challenging views, and seek out people with similar views to validate your own beliefs.

When it comes to health/nutrition/fitness groupthink is EXTREMELY common and can end up holding progress back.

From a nutrition stand point there is a definite groupthink position around the concept of self medicating with food, and special weight loss eating patterns. This groupthink position is that there is a correct way to eat that includes the right foods, the right eating pattern, the right way to prepare the food and so on.

And that this way is ‘correct’ for EVERYBODY.

It is both difficult and risky to take the opposite position and say that food is just food, and that eating for ‘health’ or weight loss is actually a matter of simply eating less food no matter what the food is.

Read that last sentence again. “eating for health or weight loss is actually a matter of simply eating less food no matter what the food is.”

In modern western societies where overeating is a problem for so many people, simply eating less no matter what the food is could very well be the only answer you ever need.

If that sentence bothers you, you might already be in on the current “groupthink” of the nutrition industry.

What about these other concepts of nutrition groupthink such as:

  • Eating Breakfast is essential for health and metabolism
  • The concept of good foods vs bad foods
  • That there is one correct way of eating for all people
  • That the food we are eating is more important to health than scientific medical progress

Groupthink involves seeking out other people who share your opinions on a certain topic, then as a group you begin to defend your position against alternate view points, no matter how credible or logical.

The point is that groupthink can close our eyes to other possible solutions to our problems, and in the worst cases keep the true problem (and therefore the true path to the solution) completely hidden to us all together.

If the groupthink is what got us to our current problems, by definition it can never solve them.

Breaking away from the group is almost assuredly your first step towards the true solution to almost any problem.