Danger Metabolism Slowing Ahead

Unless you have a degree in human biology …and in many cases even if you do… you do not understand what “metabolism” means.

Eating Less Calories isn’t Dangerous for your Metabolism

This word gets thrown around the fitness and diet media and is used to scare people into thinking there is a dangerous level of calories that will destroy their metabolism. This of course is a false premise considering your ‘metabolism’ isn’t a thing that can be destroyed or sped up or slowed down (not without drugs).

“metabolism’ is just the sum of the processes of your body on a cellular/systemic level…that’s it…that’s all it’s ever been…nothing more. So what…who cares. Why do fitness marketers keep talking about it?! I’ll never know.

And there is virtually nothing you can do to change this.

Eating at or below your actual BMR isn’t going to ‘damage’ your metabolism any more than eating above it. And speaking of which, why don’t marketers suggest that there could be ‘metabolic damage’ when people overeat!? …anyone…anyone? Right just what I thought, this lie doesn’t lead to lucrative weight loss products.

The following claims are false and are your best way to know that a person is clueless about biology and physiology and nutrition if they say:

Eating too few calories is going to ‘slow’ your metabolism (unless they’re referring to people who are starving to death…and are in fact about to die)

that there are foods that can ‘damage’ your metabolism

That you can speed up or slow down your metabolism (without drugs…and that this would be a good thing in either direction)

That a slow metabolism is responsible for weight gain

that a fast metabolism is responsible for weight loss

That you have any control whatsoever over your metabolic rate

That your meal timing or exercise timing can affect your metabolic rate

…and any other garbage claim you hear from any fitness marketer with the word “metabolism” in it…

If you see any of the above claims, you can be assured that the person who said them is sorely lacking in their understanding of how the body works.

If you want to lose weight…EAT LESS than you are currently eating. End of story.