Weight Loss Coaching

If you want to make a serious change to the look of your body but you don’t know where to start, how to start, or just simply don’t have the motivation or support you need to start then this program is for you.

In this 3 month transformation coaching program you get one on one coaching directly from me (not a hired

I practice what I preach

gun part time student personal trainer)

Even if you’ve been having some success on your own but want to take your body to the next level I can help you get there.

If you’ve been stuck at the starting line and want to take care of you weight once and for all and you need a push and a structured program to follow this is it.

Why listen to me in the first place?

Because I know what I’m talking about and the principles I will be teaching you are the same ones many others have used to get great results.

Here are a couple of examples of the results other people have achieved:

Click here to see Jason’s results: CLICK HERE

Click here to see Meghan’s results: CLICK HERE

We’ll start with a comprehensive overview of your case history with diet and exercise (btw, it’s ok if you’ve never exercised before)

From there we’ll do an assessment of your nutrition and eating patterns as well as your lifestyle movement patterns.

Any and all of the programs and manuals that I have developed along with Brad Pilon will be included in this course along with any personal and completely unique program that we need to develop specifically for you.

You have specific needs to make your weight loss goals a reality, the faster we satisfy those needs the faster you will have your success.

This level of coaching includes direct access to me via email and skype and if you really need it I’ll even give you my blackberry number (just try not to call me in the middle of the night 🙂

This is a 3 month program and I’m only accepting 20 clients at a time. Once I’m full I will accept one client each time a previous client has completed their 3 month program. I simply cannot take on any more clients and still provide the attention and service that you require.

As you might have guessed this is a serious commitment on my part and I only want serious candidates to apply. I will be giving you 100% effort and I expect you to do the same.

Right about now you’re probably wonder what this will cost.

Well you’re average part time student personal trainer who took a weekend certification course at your local gym will likely cost you between $50-$70 per session for 2-3 sessions per week. Even at the minimum this would still cost you $400 per month for a guy who probably got his certification during a Saturday afternoon exam filling in multiple choice questions.

Look, I used to be a trainer I know how it works. I know that many of the other trainers in the gyms I worked at took one weekend certification course and presto now they were a ‘professional’. Did you know that most personal trainers courses don’t even have a hands on component! In other words, many trainers can become certified without ever lifting a weight or performing any exercise.

This is one of the reasons I never mention my certifications or credentials, because it becomes meaningless. Practical experience and application are what matter most.

But if you must know here are my credentials:

Masters and Undergraduate Degree in Human Biology and Nutrition, University of Guelph

Sessional Lecturer University of Florida, Department of Health and Human Performance Course Taught: “Principles of Strength Training and Sports Nutrition”

And yes I have all of those certifications everyone else has including:

CSCS (Certificed Strength and Conditioning Specialist) from the NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association)

CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) from ACE (American Council on Exercise)

CFC (Certified Fitness Consultant) from CSEP (Canadian Society of Exercise Physiologists)

Kinesiologist from OKA (Ontario Kinesiology Association)

But the real proof is that I can get people in shape and my coaching and my systems work.

Click here for a few examples:

Back to the question at hand…I’m not going to charge $400, or even $300.

I’m investing 3 months of my time and effort into you, as well as any personalized diet and exercise program design. And I guarantee that I will give you the tools you’ll need to achieve your 3 month weight loss goal.

The investment I’m asking you to make in yourself for the is only $197 per month for the next 3 months.

That is less than half the price of going to see an average run of the mill personal trainer just two times per week.

This is a serious commitment, if you’re 100% ready to make a change in your body then I’m 100% committed to help you get there.

Putting off for another day is just another way of saying it’ll never happen. Another day never comes, there is only today.

Sign up Today and lets get started!