Eugen Sandow vs Arnold Schwarzenegger - Gold Standard Bodybuilders before and after steroids were discovered

A Steroid Free Bodybuilder You Can Trust – Eugen Sandow

Here is a good comparison picture of Eugen Sandow vs Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Eugen Sandow is known as the first real bodybuilder and gained international fame for doing the first bodybuilding style poses for crowds of people. The interesting thing is that he died 10 years before testosterone was discovered… so you know he could have never used steroids.

Eugen Sandow vs Arnold Schwarzenegger

During his time Sandow was considered one of the biggest and best built men in the world, he was the gold standard for bodybuilding before testosterone was discovered. As soon as testosterone was discovered and steroids were being dosed in people Arnold became the new gold standard. I’m sure the sheer size of Arnold vs Sandow just goes to show you how much of a difference drugs can make.

Basically these pictures show you what the gold standard for a muscular body was before and after the discovery of steroids.

Eugen Sandow was the real deal and a body size that can be attained without steroids…on the other hand here are some examples of the type of size that can only be built using steroids: Steroid Muscle