You’re Not Broken – The System Is

Here is a quote from a national Canadian newspaper article today: “We know that within the past 30 years, the prevalence of obesity doubled among those ages 40 to 69 and tripled among those 20 to 39,”

You're not Broken (as some fitness marketers would have you believe)

Can you see what the obvious implication of this quote is?

It’s that there is nothing wrong with you or your metabolism but rather our lifestyles, society and food supply/access has changed.

We haven’t undergone any evolutionary change in the past 30 years…but our food supply has.

Our daily activity levels have also dropped in this time. And stress levels in general are on the rise. So it’s pretty obvious where the root of our overeating problems come from.

But supplement/diet/fitness marketers will always try to sell you a story of how YOU are broken and their magical cure can fix you. Don’t believe it.

Eat less and you’ll lose weight.