Workout to Deal With Stress

A workout is always worth it
A workout is always worth it

There are very few things in your life that you have 100% control of. You can’t control other people or their reaction to you, you can’t control the stock market, or your job (you could get laid off, fired, or your place of employment could simply go out of business). You can’t even control your own emotions or genetics. Your body is on a predetermined genetic course that you simply cannot control. This lack of control can lead to considerable stress if you let it get to you by focusing on all of these things.

The only rational thing to do is to focus on the things you can control. One major thing you can control is how you take care of your body physically. This includes how you deal with stress and mental and emotional upheavals when they happen (and they always do).

Your mind, body and emotions really do work together as a unit. Emotions are typically the hardest of the three to control, and your body seems to be the easiest. So I say go for the low hanging fruit first and do whatever you can to keep your body in shape, meaning a regular workout routine and at least some attention to how you’re eating, and more importantly how MUCH you’re eating.

This attention to your physical body will transcend to the mental and emotional as well. The process of working out builds physical muscle but it also builds mental and emotional muscle. It’s a daily challenge of you vs yourself. Each time you follow through and complete another workout you expand your capacity to deal with all forms of stress.

This is the one thing you can control for your entire life no matter what situation you find yourself in.

You can always workout, and it’ll always be worth it.