With Great Weight Loss Success Comes Great Responsibility!


An odd thing happens to people who successfully lose weight, it’s the experience and proof that you can affect the shape/size/weight of your body if you choose to. This certainly doesn’t sounds like a problem. After all if you set out to lose weight, make the appropriate changes to your diet, and actually see changes, you’d likely consider this to be a big “win”.

However there is an unintended consequence that you would likely not have anticipated, and that is the knowledge and responsibility that you now have about the direct relationship between your diet habits and your body.

In other words, once you successfully change your body by changing your eating, you will forever be acutely aware that these two things are linked. You can never go back to telling yourself the common lie that “it must be your metabolism” or that you’re just different than everyone else and you just can’t lose weight yadda yadda.

This is the double edged sword of successful weight loss.

To paraphrase uncle Ben from spider man “With great power comes great responsibility” I will say “With great weight loss success comes great responsibility”…meaning if you ever successfully lose weight you’re going to be forever stuck with the knowledge that how much you eat is directly linked to how much you weigh…forever!

As in, you can never go back. You can never cosy up under the warm blankets of the ‘carb sensitive lie” or the “its my thyroid lie” or the “I have a slow metabolism lie”…all of it will be gone, and all that will be left is you, your new found ability to exert power over the shape/size/weight of your body, and the new responsibility of dealing with this knowledge.

So, my little Peter Parkers (this goes for both men and women reading), what will it be? Do you want to lose weight and have this new responsibility or do you want to stay under the warm blankets of “I can’t lose weight because_______ lie?”