Food Choices at the Grocery Store

A friend of mine (Ali) just got back from the grocery store and told me a great story that illustrates how our external environment influences our food choices. It also shines a bit of a light on how guilty and ashamed many of us are with our food choices.Grocery cart

So at the check out counter Ali has a mix of fresh vegetables, some fruit and a package of chicken breasts.

Two girls waiting behind her inline noticed her food selection on the counter and mentioned to each other (trying to do it under their breath but ended up being totally heard by Ali) that her order was “so healthy” and they also mentioned that “she doesn’t have anything in a box”.

The two girls behind Ali actually took one of the food items they had in their hands (a bag of chips) back to the isle where it came from and said “I don’t need them”.

This is a great example of how much other people can influence what we eat. After all, Ali doesn’t know these girls, and they don’t know her, why in the world would Ali’s order have anything to do with those girls?

What if Ali had 3 bags of chips on the counter, would those girls have gone back and picked up two more bags of chips instead?

The reality is that Ali is in great shape and these girls may have looked at her, then looked at her food choices and put two and two together and got a bit of inspiration from her and aspire to look like her. This is an example of the positive effect of hanging around, or even standing next to a person who knows how to take care of their body and eating habits.


And I’m sure I don’t even need to point out at this point that Ali is also an Eat Stop Eater!