Who Can You Trust? – Steroids and Drugs Make it Tough to Know

I was having a recent discussion with someone about building muscle and the limits to this process. As usual they were shocked and a bit taken back when I said that muscle growth is very strictly limited.

This is Just Hard Work in the Gym...yeah right!
This is Just Hard Work in the Gym...yeah right!

I’m not suggesting that muscle growth through weight training isn’t possible. I’m suggesting that it is more limited than we are lead to believe.

To add to that I am also suggesting that 2-3 pounds of actual muscle growth looks very big and it’s not realistic or necessary to set a goal of building 20 or 30 pounds of muscle.

It would seem that athletes, bodybuilders, celebrities and fitness models are the images and ideals’ many guys look at for their image of the body they want to build.

So is this a realistic image to have?

Lets do a quick inventory of public figures we know have been caught or suspected of using steroids,GH, or some other banned performance enhancing drugs:

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Sylvester Stallone

Hulk Hogan (and probably 90% of all wrestlers)

All professional or national level bodybuilders (this includes the women)

99% of all amateur bodybuilders

Most fitness models

Mark McGwire

Jose Canseco

Alex Rodriguez

Jason Giambi

Ken Caminiti

Rafael Palmeiro

Barry Bonds

Roger Clemens

Bill Romanowski

Shawne Merriman

So if the size and look of any of these guys is something that you were using as your ideal (but you don’t want to use drugs) then you’ll have to find another ideal…a much smaller one.

And if you are using any other guy who is of a similar size to these guys, it’s a good bet they are also using drugs…once again, you gotta find a different model.

My point is this:

If it looks like a duck, and it walks like a duck…it’s probably a duck.

If a guy looks as big as Arnold or McGwire or Canseco, they probably did the same things to get there (that means they did steroids)

If this is how big you want to be, then you have to use drugs to get there.

I’m not making a moral statement, I couldn’t care less if you choose to use drugs or not. In fact I have many good friends who use copious amounts of steroids and they’re perfectly happy to use them and they don’t hide it. They’re just happy being really really big.

Just be honest with yourself.

If your goal is massive hulking muscle size, then the only way to do it is with steroids.

If your goal is a classy looking muscular physique, then you can most certainly do that naturally.