Where Would You Be Without Modern Medicine?

Medical Records & Stethoscope

The fitness, nutrition and ‘natural holistic’ health community (whatever that is) seem to have some people believing that they can live a healthy and long life without the advances of modern medicine. I think this is a false assumption.

Would you really be as healthy and in the state of health you are in right now (would you even be alive right now) if it weren’t for modern medicine? I know I wouldn’t be here and it’s a good bet you wouldn’t either.

For example: when I was 10 years old my appendix almost burst and I had to have a rush emergency surgery to have it removed. If it weren’t for modern medicine I would have most likely died if my appendix burst as it results in widespread infection and sepsis <– this is really bad.  Therefore modern medicine is the only reason I’m here today.

Nowadays almost nobody dies from a burst appendix, but without modern medicine that would be just one of the many things that would put us in an early grave.

Lets also not forget the herd immunity we have to various diseases because of modern vaccines as well. This is the reason we don’t worry about things like polio any more in north america.

Note: Anti-biotics, vaccines, over the counter drugs as well as surgery and physical therapy, and any procedure that takes place in a hospital like child birth all count as modern medicine.

So what’s your story?

Please leave your example/story in the comment area if you choose to share.