What’s it going to take for you to lose weight?

I was recently on another road trip to see another college football game…this time we went to east Lansing Michigan to see the Spartans vs the Central Michigan Chippewas. The Spartans won in a rout. It was an awesome sunny Sept afternoon perfect for football.

Are you going to wait until your time has run out?

The night before the game we went out to dinner in a small town here in Ontario to a local eatery that is known for their pizza. One of the people we went out to dinner with was abstaining from joining in eating the pizza with us. I asked why he wasn’t eating with us and it turns out that he has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Earlier this year he was up to 320lbs, and as of this past weekend he had already cut down to 270lbs. That is a 50lbs weight loss since March!

I asked him why he’s cutting down and he told me it was because of what his doctor said to him. So I asked, what his doctor said…and this is the exact quote:

“If you don’t start losing weight and change the way you eat you’ll have either a heart attack or stroke in the next 5 years”

Pretty powerful words to say the least.

Until he got this scare, he clearly didn’t care that he was gaining so much weight. But as soon as he realized his life might be on the line, then it was time to lose the weight. At this point he didn’t start debating the merits of low car vs low fat…or paleo vs vegetarianism vs the blood type diet etc…he just did what he knew he needed to do to save his life…EAT LESS FOOD!

The moral of this story is that we all know what it really takes to lose weight, but most of us don’t have a big enough incentive/scare/reason to do so…yet.

Think about it…if you were just told that you have diabetes and are at a high risk for a heart attack or stroke are you really going to mess around worrying about macro nutrient portions, the glycemic index of your ‘carbs’, or the specific fats and proteins you’re eating…OR are you gonna do your damnedest to eat less food?!

The answer to weight loss is simple (not necessarily easy)…but when there is the will to lose weight, the path becomes quite clear.

So whats it going to take for you to lose weight? (hint: until you have your answer for this question you’ll likely never lose weight)