What the F#*K are You Doing?

This is the question I end up asking myself at least a dozen times every day I’m at the gym. I normally go about my business and don’t say much to anybody unless my good buddies are there. I listen to music or podcasts and just do my own thing.

Seriously…What the F#&K are you doing?!

As I’m resting between sets I scan the gym and just watch what other people are doing, and without fail, every single time, I see something that makes me ask this question.

From people doing full squats standing on a stability with a barbell across their back, to people trying to do one leg deadlifts standing on a bosu ball, to trainers making overweight seniors push a weighted sled back and forth across the gym…WHAT THE F#*K ARE YOU DOING!??!

Part of it is incompetent trainers trying to make their client feel like they’re getting their money’s worth buy coming up with ridiculous exercises and workouts.

Part of it is people who need to show off by doing strange workouts with wobble boards, and bosu balls, and standing on stability balls.

Part of it is people who just don’t know what they’re doing and unfortunately read a magazine to get workout advice or watch some other equally clueless person in the gym and copy what they’re doing.

The people doing the ridiculous thing that gets me to think “WHAT THE F#*K ARE YOU DOING” are almost never someone who has a body that I would consider to be in good shape.

In other words, they’re doing all of this weird stuff and it’s not doing anything to help them a better looking body…if anything it just makes them look even more foolish.

On the other hand most of the people I ever see who have a great physique just stick with the basics and put the necessary time and effort to get their body into a great shape.

The moral of the story is that no gimmick piece of equipment or bizarre technique is going to get you to your body any faster than hard work and a well designed workout program.

Leave the wobble boards, bosu ball, (and standing on a swiss ball for squats) to the other people who want to give the appearance that they know what they’re doing…In all likelihood they don’t (and they’d trade in the ridiculous workouts if they really knew how to build the body they want).

Dumbbells, a bench, a bar, and some serious effort is all it’s going to take to get to your ideal body.