What is Your Favorite Workout?

Working out/Training is something that I’ve been doing since I was about 16 and I’ll never stop. After a while it becomes a challenge to keep the workouts interesting and enjoyable.

If all else fails we could "powerwalk' to a pile of gummie bears the way meatwad does!

I’ve just finished creating a new 12 week program and I’m getting ready to start building another one, but I need your help. I want to know what your favorite workouts were and why you liked them.

This could include the entire monthly structure, as well as the daily routine. It could be the concept or the basis behind the workout or even how it was laid out on the page.

I’m looking for the reasons any particular workout appealed to you to start with, and which ones were fun to do and kept your interest once you started doing them.

So look at it from a narrow and broad view: Right down to the sets, reps, rest, and particular weights/machines and exercises it had you doing, all the up to the weekly and monthly way the program was laid out. (if you can even think/remember this stuff)

Any insights to your favorite workouts would be appreciated so I can think of something new and interesting to incorporate into the next program that I’m building.