What does Eating “Normal” Mean?

Now that the ‘holiday’ season is over it’s business as usual…or is it?

January is usually a time when many people start to crack down on diet and exercise as a new years resolution. For most people this is short lived. They start the year off with every intention of making a change and even sign up for the gym and start working out…they might even make some progress with their diet and lose some weight. Then about 4-6 weeks later ‘life catches up’ with them and they fall off the wagon.

eating normal
Badlands Booker is a competitive eater, for him eating this 6lbs burger could be ‘normal’.

This scenario seems to repeat itself year after year. In fact you could say that for these people this is their ‘normal’ January.

Then this got me thinking…there is no such thing as ‘normal’ eating. At least not in a way that can describe the entire year.

It’s more accurate to say there is the ‘normal’ way you eat throughout December and the holiday season…there is the ‘normal’ way you eat in January…and there is the ‘normal’ way you eat when summer rolls around etc.

If all of these ‘normal’ ways you tend to eat don’t produce the body you want, then obviously something has to change.

you cannot simply go back to eat the ‘normal’ way you always during each season or time of year.

This same situation goes for people who have successfully changed their bodies and now want to maintain that new body.

If your old ‘normal’ pattern caused you to gain weight, it will not help you maintain your new weight.

The point is there is no such thing as the ‘normal’ way you eat all of the time.

Instead there is the way you eat at certain times of year, and given certain events (weddings, birthdays, holidays, stressful situations etc)

I have found that having a goal and a date to hit that goal by is one of the only ways to force yourself to create a change on your body and make it happen.

You could even say that you’ve created a new ‘normal’ way of eating by setting a goal for being in a transformation contest, or simply setting a date for a photoshoot to see how far you can go in a given amount of time.

In this case you’ve created the ‘normal’ way you eat during a transformation, or the ‘normal’ way you eat when you’re getting ready for a photoshoot.

When you look at it this way, you can more easily decide which ‘normal’ pattern you want to follow.

The big difference is that eating the way you ‘normally’ do to prepare for a photoshoot will set you on a course to get into and stay in a shape that you really want…none of the other ‘normal’ ways you eat can do this.

The point is that nobody gets in shape by accident. It always happens because of a conscious effort to do so. But it can also be a normal part of your yearly routine to work towards a better shape and then maintain that shape.