What Does Being Healthy and Fit Do?

Mr Incredible is superhuman, and it seems we all want to be just like him.

‘Health’ and ‘Fitness’ are meaningless terms by themselves. They only become meaningful when you take the time to give your own personal definition to them as it applies to you.

Many people will change the way they eat, exercise and live in an effort to be ‘healthier’ and ‘fit’, but how do you measure this?

One of the obvious answers is the look of your body. It’s reasonable to assume that a healthy body is a healthy looking body.

There are other metrics like blood markers of disease risk and physical ability to do work (running a distance for time etc)

But these don’t seem like an end in and of themselves but rather sign posts along the way.

I believe all of our health and fitness pursuits are simply an effort to cheat death and live as long as possible. After all would do an exercise that made you look better, and made you more fit, and reduced your risk of disease, but also shortened your life?