What do YOU do to Lose Weight in…

This sign might as well be posted in front of all the places I'm talking about

Trying to lose weight in our modern mass consumption “eat-whatever-you-want, whenever-you-want, and as-much-as-you-want” society is kind of like navigating a minefield. You just don’t know when the next temptation to eat is going to show up or how it will be packaged.

It could be an offer to go out for dinner, an invitation to a wedding, a long weekend bbq/cookout, a simple coffee date (that turns into an 800-calorie-mocha-latte-and-banana-bread bomb), a commercial advertising your favorite food in a moment of weakness, a special on cookies at the grocery store, christmas dinner, thanksgiving dinner, and on and on…

I have some ideas how to deal with each of these events, but I want to hear what has worked for you.

How do you avoid the temptation to buy more or eat more food at any or all of the following locations:

1. When you’re out for dinner

2. When you’re at a wedding (this might just be a lost cause, but hey, if you’ve got a way to avoid overeating at a wedding I’d love to hear it)

3. During the holidays (Christmas, thanksgiving etc)

4. Going out to the movies

5. At your favorite coffee shop

6. At the grocery store itself (talk about temptation, each isle is just thousands of tempting items)

7. At an all you can eat buffet (I know this sounds like an oxymoron, but if you have an idea let me know)

8. Fast Food joints

What I want to know is your strategy for avoiding the temptation to over eat at each of these places. And in the case of the grocery store how you manage to avoid filling your shopping cart with cookies, ice cream, chips and chocolate.

You can provide a detailed solution for one place, or a quick a dirty idea for all 8, or any combination in between.

I’m not so much interested in your opinion of what ‘might’ work for someone, I want to know what DOES work for YOU.

So ideally I’d like to hear about your personal experience handling each one or any of these situations and the thing you’ve done that has worked for you in the past.

Just leave your solution in the comments section.


P.S. The best ideas will be incorporated into my new book (and you’ll also get a free copy!)