What Can You Do Without For Weight Loss

Today we’re going to cover the “Can do without” list.

These are occasions, items, situations and anything that you currently do that you’re not 100% attached to and you could likely do without in order to lose weight.

For the most part I can do without these

For some people it’s as simple as avoiding cheese and crackers while watching tv. For others it might be skipping a second helping at dinner.

It might be the difference between going out to watch the game (where you know there will be pizza and wings and beer) or staying home and making some food that you can better control the calories with.

Whatever it is this is the list that will define what you can get rid of and lose weight on your terms.

For me it was chicken wings and pizza when I’m out with my buddies watching the game.

I still go out, but I limit the amount of chicken wings to once every 2 weeks or so (chicken wings are my hot button food, once I start eating them I just can’t stop)…the other times that I find myself out I choose other options that I know I can control and won’t overeat.

One of my other things is sharing entrees when I got out to eat instead of ordering an entree for myself. This essentially cuts the calories in half but the event and satisfaction of the occasion is maintained.

What are things that you can do without?