We’re All On Drugs

Drugs aren't bad, they're everywhere!

I was having a discussion today about the line between acceptable and unacceptable drugs on sports. I believe all sports should allow drugs and the athletes should disclose the exact drugs and dose they’re using so we could all get a realistic view of what it takes to compete at the highest levels.

This got me thinking about all the different drugs people consume on a daily basis, and then I kinda realized that almost all human consume some sort of drug very regularly.

The broad definition of a drug: A substance consumed that alters normal body function and is non essential for life.

With this definition you can easily come up with a list of drugs people consume daily, the two most obvious are caffeine and alcohol, but that is hardly where the list stops. I’ll throw a few more down to get the list going. I’ll need you to jump in here and add any that I’ve missed. (these can be any drug that is consumed on a fairly regular basis without a prescription)




NSAIDS (non steroidal anti inflammatories)

Excessive Sugar/salt/fat (you could easily make the argument that over consumption of these items is used as self medication)

Theobromine (active ingredient in chocolate similar to caffeine)


And this is just the common stuff that many people might be using. There obviously an enormous list of prescription drugs that a huge proportion of the population is using as well.

Almost everyone you will ever encounter will be a habitual user of at least one or two of the drugs mentioned above and then some. As we get older almost all of us will become prescription drug users as well.

So I’ve started the list, if there is something you can think of that I have missed please add it in the comments section.