Weight Maintenance – Every Up needs a Down

SINEWAVEAfter thanksgiving dinner I started to think about how many calories you or I would need to eat to gain weight. As you can see in my previous post I would need to eat 5300 calories in one day to gain 1 pound of fat. That is a lot of food and I doubt I did that even at thanksgiving dinner.

The truth about weight gain is that it happens slowly over time with chronic overeating. It might not be a full pound of fat each day, but every bite of food you consume above your metabolic need will get stored as fat. If you never offset your overeating with an equal amount of undereating, you will always gain weight.

Look at this sine wave. The straight horizontal line represents your basal metabolic rate. The wavy line going over and under that line represents the amount of calories you could eat each day in order to stay at the same body weight. If you go over your BMR today, you will have to go under your BMR tomorrow to avoid gaining weight.

Most people go over their BMR throughout the year at social events like thanksgiving, christmas, birthdays, cookouts, and just going out for dinner on the weekend etc.

But do we ever follow those days up with an undereating day? Most of us don’t. This means we’re hitting the high part of the sine wave but never the low part. Over time this results in chronic weight gain.

This is also why Eat Stop Eat works so well. We just teach you to do an UNDER for every OVER that you do.

So if you intend to crush a big meal at thanksgiving, you should also plan to do a 24 hour fast the next day to compensate for the extra food you ate.