Weight Loss Quiz – True or False

I just read an article about a weight loss survey that showed doctors were no more educated about effective weight loss than the average person.

So this inspired me to make my own little True or False weight loss survey here.

Are you ready to test your weight loss knowledge?

Ren from ren and stimpy

Each question is a true/false type.

Answer each one on the comments section by putting the number of the question first and either a “T” for true, or an “F” For false. (so if you think the answer to question #1 is true you would just put the following in your comment: 1 – T)

We’ll tackle all of the answers next week.

So lets get started with the True of False fat loss quiz:

#1 – You can’t lose weight without doing some sort of exercise

#2 – Eating below your daily metabolic rate of calories will cause you to lose muscle

#3 – Cardio type training is better than weight training for helping with long term fat loss

#4 – Adding muscle mass through weight training helps accelerate fat loss/weight loss

#5 – You must eat “healthy” foods to lose weight (chocolate, donuts and pizza will ruin weight loss results)

#6 – High carb and low carb diets are equally effective for weight loss

#7 – Rapid weight loss from severe calorie restriction will ‘damage’ your metabolism and cause you to regain all the weight and possibly even more weight once you stop the diet and go back to eating for weight maintenance.

#8 – Weight loss works fundamentally different in men than women (in other words, a weight loss diet/exercise program that worked for a guy won’t necessarily work for a woman)

#9 – Effective weight loss is a result of an increased metabolism

#10 – Obese people have slower basal metabolic rates than non-obese people

Please put your answers in the comments section, and I’ll take up all the answers next week on monday.