Weight Loss – It’s what you DON’T Want that Holds You Back.

I’m sure you’ve heard people say the phrase “I want to lose weight” and yet that same person never does anything about it. Or they say they tried and it didn’t work. So why make the statement at all if you’re not serious about it.


This sounds a bit ironic. They say they ‘want it’ but never do what it takes to get it.

So do they really want it, or do they just say they want it. OR do they even know what they are saying.

The reality is there is another piece of the puzzle that they are not admitting to themselves. And that is all the things they DON’T want. And it is precisely the things you DON’T want that hold you back from getting the things that you want. This applies to all areas of your life, but lets look at weight loss for this example.

Here goes:

You say “I WANT to lose weight”

But in your head you probably already have an idea of how to do this, like dieting, exercising more, cutting out alcohol, avoiding big dinners where you will overeat etc.  But these are all things you really like and things you DON’T want to miss out on.

So you’re inner dialog in your head is saying:

I DON’T want to give up alcohol

I DON’T want to diet

I DON’T want to exercise

I DON’T want to give up fast food

I DON’T want to pay attention to my calorie intake

It’s all of the “DON’T” wants that out weigh the WANT, and thats why so many people talk a big game about weight loss but never get there. I’ve got to the point where I just ignore people who say this phrase because 90% of the time they’ve never considered the DON’T want list.

For every WANT you have in your life there is also a DON’T want list of things that go with it.

As soon as you can admit to yourself that the DON’T want list exists, then you can start working towards getting the things that you really want.