Weight Loss Feels Better Than Any Meal Tastes

Brunch Buffet's are the BEST

It’s a long weekend here in Canada and I’m on my way to a brunch buffet this morning. What a great way to kick off the week. If I could start every week with a brunch buffet I wouldn’t complain at all.

I’ll probably eat most of my calories for today at the buffet, and that’s fine, I’ll simply scale back the rest of the day to just a coffee and a small snack or perhaps nothing at all until tomorrow. Having flexibility in your diet is the key to achieving a balance between your appetite and desire for food and your long term health and body weight goals.

You can maintain or even lose weight while eating whatever foods you like, you’ve just got to strike a balance between your desire for food and your weight loss goals.

Many people feel that a diet has to be an all or nothing affair but that isn’t the case. You can enjoy food while losing weight, you just have to learn to know when to stop. Once you refine this skill you will be able to manipulate your body weight as you wish without it feeling like a monumental effort.

But once you start to lose weight you’ll see how your effort pays off and realize that weight loss feels better than any meal tastes.