Weight Loss Diet Contradictions

I only believe what the read button says

We ended up with a pretty good list of weight loss diets yesterday, thanks for your contribution. So can all of the diets listed work? (of course as long as they get you to eat less calories than you burn). Are all of these complex strategies necessary?…of course not.

But what about the specific mechanism of how they work? Isn’t there an advantage to one style over the other?…nope.

The one that is easiest for you to follow is the one that will work the best for you. For me it comes down to simplicity, the simpler the diet the more effective it is likely to be. (by the way this is also shown in the research to be true)

Most of the diet books you ever come across will be based on a marketing gimmick to sell a new concept, but in the end the only way any diet can actually work is by getting you to consume less total calories.

Think about how impossible it would be to combine some of the diets listed on yesterdays post.

How could you eat for your blood type, as well as eat low carb, and then cycle your carbs (which contradicts the theory of low carb), and then eat low fat (which contradicts low carb and carb cycling and blood type dieting),  and then try to eat ‘zone’ style with a 30/30/40 nutrient ratio split (which contradicts low carb low fat carb cycling and blood type diets), then fast (contradicts all diets), then try to avoid cooking your food, then try Mediterranean dieting (whatever the hell that means), point counting systems like weight watchers (contradict all of these diets) etc…

How could the rules of any of these diets fit together?…They can’t.

The truth is that you can eat whatever you like and lose weight, as long as you eat less than you burn.

And if you’re getting ready to drop me a comment and say (but what about_______ diet)…stop for a moment and look at the diets listed above and how they all contradict each other and yet each one has a list of people who will swear by them as the best way to lose weight. The only way this can be possible is if all of these diets share a common theme, and that is less total calories.

Calories in vs out is not a sexy marketing angle so it has to be hidden behind crazy stories about blood types, specific times of day to eat, evil nutrients and bad foods to avoid, fat burning foods to consume, romanticism about other countries and ways of eating from the distant past etc.

It’s all nonsense. When they’re put to the scientific test the only way any diet produces weight loss is a caloric deficit, the food choices and eating patterns are up to you.


P.S. my new diet book is actually going to be about calories in vs calories out. I know that doesn’t sound very interesting but I think you’ll be surprised to see how much more there is to the calorie story…It’s not as simple to count calories as you think.