Social Support

We all Need Social Support to Get in Shape

When you’re facing the challenge of changing your body, developing muscle and losing bodyfat you have likely accepted the idea that you must exert your will over your body. For example you have to lift weights to force your muscles to grow, and you have to consciously lower the number of calories you are eating in order to stimulate a fat loss.

We All need Social Support to get where we want to go

But there is another level to this and that is exerting your will over your environment. You may have tried to get in shape in the past but certain environmental cues are not helping you such as cookies that are always  in the cupboard, or places you frequently eat that are become difficult to navigate without overeating (such as coffee shops and restaurants).

An even bigger environmental factor is other people. They will invite you to eat with them, they might tease you and tell you you’re obsessive about weight loss or fitness, they might tell you their opinion of the ‘correct’ way to lose weight and point out that ‘you’re doing it all wrong’.

In all of these cases this is your environment pushing back against you and you must exert yourself against it to get where you want to go.

Modern western societies can be defined as “obesogenic environments” that pull you towards a sedentary lifestyle of overeating and minimal activity.

When you decide to take action and get in shape be prepared to exert yourself in the gym, but even more so, be prepared to exert yourself against the environment you’re living in. This is where social support can go a long way to helping you get in shape.

Making a change is hard enough on its own, but doing it alone makes it even tougher. Finding like minded people to support you is a big key to getting to your goal and not second guessing yourself the whole way.

Finding a support network is a way to help stack the deck more in your favor and build some momentum to get the change you want.