Top 50 Health Supplements

One too many supplements?

About 20 mins from my place there is a mini market that has a great salad bar. You can get a really good salad with just about anything you want on it. It’s easily the best salad bar I’ve ever been too and it’s also the most affordable (nice!).

This same market is joined to a supplement/health food store that promotes a supplement remedy for just about any ailment you can think of (they advertise heavily on the local radio stations).

Part of their marketing is a free magazine they distribute and give out in the store about natural remedies for health. This free ‘magazine’ is really just a catalog for every product that they sell. I picked one of these magazines up that had the following title “Top 50 health products”


Does this mean that I would be 50 times healthier if I took all 50 of them? I showed the magazine to a friend of mine to point out how ridiculous it was and we started flipping through the list. She proceeded to tell me that a friend of hers (who introduced her to the market) has purchased no less than 30 of the items on the list!

Wow…just wow.

These are not cheap items either, probably ranging from $15-$40 per item (each item meant to last anywhere from 1-3 months)

This is just an example of how crazy the marketing of natural health products can get.

I asked how her friend is measuring any improvement in ‘health’ from using these products…she just shrugged her shoulders and said “she doesn’t measure anything”.