Top 10 List – What Would You Rather do Than Eat?

In the quest for the best answer for weight loss I’m finding that it has nothing to do with nutrition or exercise or understanding food or any of that.

top 10

It’s pretty clear that weight gain is a result of food abundance and overeating.

The big question then becomes one of restricting food consumption. But this is very difficult because we all like to eat so much and now we eat for pleasure, stress relief, social events, celebrations, tradition and on and on.

The idea that we eat simply for fuel/survival is long lost.

So here is my challenge and I need your help.

I’m trying to put together a top 10 list of things to do besides eating, but I can’t even come close to getting 10 things.

Imagine that your favorite meal was sitting on a table perfectly prepared right in front of you and you were sufficiently hungry to want to eat it right now…

What would you rather do besides eat that food?

Sure there are some unrealistic theoretically things that could easily pull us away from our favorite meal: for example if I handed you a $10,000 and told it had to be cashed right away, I’m sure you’d leave that food right where it was and go straight to the bank.

Or if I handed you free tickets to an all inclusive vacation or shopping spree that needed to be used right now you’d probably forgo the food in a heart beat.

But alas unless we all win the lottery every time we’re about to eat these examples are pretty far fetched.

So I’m looking for practical answers. Realistic options that can actually be put to use on a daily basis.

I believe the answers that we come up with are the key to helping us all lose weight.

So I’ll start it off, but I’m stuck at three answers.

1 ) Sex

2) A Hot Shower – (but this one only applies if I have just come in out of a prolonged time spent in the cold or back from the gym or just got soaked in the rain)

3) A game of Hockey or Football with my buddies – (But this rarely happens since scheduling play time with adults seems next to impossible)

And now I’m stuck. I can’t really think of anything that would pull me away from this meal.

Can you?

Please put your answers in the comments section. And be honest. Really think about something you know for sure you’d rather do than eat that food (besides cashing the mythical $10,000 check)