Too much food Equals too much Fat

After the last two posts it’s pretty clear that there really is nothing we can do to avoid eating food when it’s in front of us and especially when we are gathered socially with friends and family.

Fat CatFat Dog

This is no surprise. Food is essential to life, right up there with air and water.

In fact if you were going to make a quick checklist of things you would die without I think food would be #3. A lack of oxygen and water being the only two things that you would die without even faster than food.

So it makes sense that it is very difficult for us to avoid eating food when it’s present. It’s almost like telling yourself to avoid breathing for a few minutes.

The issue is food abundance. We’re built to survive when food is scarce, but we’re not well adapted to deal with the massive food abundance we have.

This is also evidenced when you see domesticated animals that get fat. We’re in fact so bad at dealing with food abundance that we end up making our pets obese as well. In the wild animals rarely get obese as food is always scarce. And if there happens to be an area with more food the animals don’t get fat, they multiply.

In the wild more food usually equals more animals. It doesn’t usually mean fatter animals.

So humans seem to be unique in their ability to mass consume food instead of spreading it around so everyone gets some. This is also evident by the fact that hundreds of millions of people are still starving on one side of the world, while 10’s of millions are dealing with obesity on the other side of the world.

As far as weight loss goes I don’t see what the real solution is besides discipline, a lot of social support, organization, goal setting, introspection, coming to terms with why you overeat in the first place, and all of that not so fun stuff that is required for any real change to happen in your life.

As you might have noticed words like ‘nutrition’ or ‘carbs’ and ‘fats’ and ‘meal timing’ or ‘macronutrients’ aren’t a part of the solution at all…and thats because they were never a part of the problem.

It seems to me that food abundance and relatively boring daily routines that most people have combine to make eating and overeating one of the only things to look forward to on a daily basis.

I think we all need a bit more excitement in our daily routine that distracts us from food and drives us towards something bigger and more important than just consuming more food.

…but what could this be? Any ideas?