There is no Rule about Working Out

The idea of going to a gym and working out might be difficult for some people to start because there is no rule to follow, nobody forcing you to do it, no major socio-economic problem if you don’t go (not an immediately obvious one…as in you won’t get a fine or ticket or lose out on a pay check for not going to the gym).JB_Curl

Most of us start life in some sort of school structure with rigid rules, and rigid grading structures and some sort of authority figure telling us what to do and if we’ve done it well.

From there most people move on to some sort of job where there is yet another set of rules given to them by another group of authority figures (bosses) who tell them if they’ve done a good job or not.

These two steps of ‘go to school’ then ‘get a job’ are pretty standard and seem to be necessary for your very survival as you gotta make money and put food on the table. Obviously there is built in pressure to get a job and keep a job because bills don’t just pay themselves.

With all of that said there is no obvious or immediate pressure to workout. It’s not something that will actually help you pay the bills per se. The benefits of working out come from consistency and a long view, not from a desire for immediate gratification and payoff.

So why do we go to the gym?

Because we don’t want to leave the look and shape and feeling of our body up to genetic chance. And somewhere along the line we’ve learned that the changes we can exert on our body will benefit us in all other areas of our life.

The secret is that you only really know the true benefit when you finally start working out and learn what it’s like to live with a better body, being in better shape and seeing how all people around you react.

It’s not something you can really explain to someone else, it’s got to be experienced. This is why you can’t teach it in any school.

It’s a personal decision and it’s worth it, but most people will never know!