The Top 10 Nutrition Rules so far

Thank you for your input yesterday, I think I’ve got a handle on the biggest nutrition ‘rules’ that need to be investigated in the new book.

There was an obvious theme and here are the big ones that I will cover:

1. Eating Breakfast to ‘rev up’ metabolism

2. Eating frequently throughout the day to maintain metabolism

3. Eating protein at every meal

4. Avoid most or all forms of refined white sugar

5. Drinking 8 glasses of water every day (and somehow drinking cold water will cause you to burn more fat?)

6. Avoiding eating after 7pm (shift workers are just screwed on this one I guess)

7. Don’t drop your calories too low otherwise you’ll go into starvation mode

8. Eat most of your carbs in the morning then less at lunch and even less at dinner

9. Cardio on an empty stomach burns more fat (I know this isn’t technically a ‘nutrition’ rule but it goes along with the concept of meal timing)

10. Supplement with Fish Oils and or CLA

There were lots of good suggestions for things that need to be covered that aren’t technically rules but rather stories about how the body works, so I’ll try to cover those as well either in the book or as future blog posts.

This is going to be a straight up no BS book about weight loss, the way I did it. It should be finished by July. I’ll be filling you in about it periodically on the blog and might even release a chapter or two for you.

Thanks again for the input.