The MEME of the Modern Man

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Working off of yesterdays discussion about the emasculation of the modern man it seems appropriate to bring up the concept of meme’s and specifically the meme of the modern man.

Ideas are like viruses. If it gets in you, its almost impossible to get rid of

First we need to define what a meme is:

MEME: A meme ( rhyming with “cream”) is a postulated unit of cultural ideas, symbols or practices, which can be transmitted from one mind to another through writing, speech, gestures, rituals or other imitable phenomena. (wikipedia)

The idea of a meme was postulated by Richard Dawkins and he suggests that memes as similar to genes and get passed along from one generation to the next. Obviously this is a simplistic explanation but it will suffice for this blog post.

For our purpose we’ll consider the meme of the modern man to be the bundle of images, ideals, ideas, representations, expectations and attitudes we’re passively expected to see in a modern man.

Over time these memes evolve, but for them to evolve in the direction of true freedom and self actualization they require effort and push back from people who are being suppressed and against those who would rather put us into boxes.

We don’t have to go too far back in history to find that at some point black men wouldn’t be included in the meme of modern man but rather in the meme of slave. Since the emancipation and the 13th amendment to the constitution slavery was abolished and the integration of black men into the meme of modern man began.

In more recent years the acceptance of homosexuality and the idea that sexuality is actually a continuum and not a dichotomy is the next and latest evolution of the meme of modern man.

This meme is constantly evolving…and in these two examples it’s evolving towards more freedom and natural rights that all men have.

No matter how many ways an organized government apparatus or social organized construction tries to contain and strip away natural rights, there will always be a break point where the push back for freedom overwhelms and the natural rights are restored.

It’s not exactly simple and in many cases blood is shed, but the natural law eventually wins out.

The point is that there are immutable truths about freedom and natural law that are inherent in sentient beings like us. And no matter how many societal constructions/laws/rules are put in place, if they do not fall in accordance with this natural law and right to freedom, they will, eventually at some point collapse.


P.S. The next discussion on this topic will be the feminist movement and how it’s had the single biggest impact on the lifestyle and meme of modern man…and how this too is not in accordance with natural law and eventually will collapse.