The Goal is to Maintain When Traveling

I’m currently sitting in a hotel lounge at the Hilton Barbados. It’s about 30 degrees outside and sunny, the water is a bright turquoise, and the breakfast buffet is calling my name!

We’ve already got a lunch and a dinner meeting set up for today not to mention the various bars and lounges that all have and endless offering of food and drink for us to indulge.

I can certainly see how a vacation for many people is almost inevitably going to result in weight gain. When we’re not in our regular routine it’s very easy to forget that all the food we eat still matters and still add’s up. But the thought of actively controlling portions and dieting while in a place like this also seems pointless.

As far as I’m concerned it should be about striking a balance and making a deal with yourself. My goal while I’m here isn’t to lose weight, but rather to maintain where I’m at by the time I get home.

I’ve already done a hour workout early this morning and I’m sure we’ll spend another hour or so on the beach being at least somewhat ‘active’.

Between the lunch and dinner meetings I’ll likely come out neutral for the day (from a weight gain/loss perspective).

I think this is the most sane way to approach time away from the regular routine. Otherwise life sorta seems like it’s just not worth living.