The Devil is in the Dose

Starbucks is catching on to portion control

Getting caught up in the good food bad food argument is a futile pursuit and will get you nowhere. Every food that gets labeled ‘good’ can also have an unhealthy or ‘bad’ dose, likely every food that is labeled ‘bad’ can have a perfectly acceptable dose that will do no harm to either your health or your body weight (if your goal is to maintain or lose weight)

The devil is always in the dose.

I was recently at starbucks and noticed they have a new offering in their baked good section: mini scones and mini donuts.This is a great idea.

The regular scones are close to 500 calories each whereas the mini scones are around 100 or less, the mini donut is about 150 calories (about half of a regular donut)

These mini offerings are perfect because they provide a few bites of something sweet that compliments the coffee but they don’t put you behind the 8-ball for your daily calorie consumption.

Anyone who is struggling with weight loss likely struggles with portion control and will typically eat whatever is served to them. It’s much easier to allow someone to serve you less, than order a larger item and try to save or throw away half of it (it’s also cheaper to order the smaller item)

Good for starbucks for creating these mini offerings.