The “Bookend” Diet Hack

The college football season started last week and the NFL season started this weekend…and that means lots of drinking and lots of eating and lots of calories consumed.

Football is like no other sporting event when it comes to eating. Tailgaiting and the attention that goes into the food is just as important (if not more important) than the game itself.

Football season is eating season
Football Season is Eating Season

If you’re planning on going to a game be prepared for a big eat day, or else be prepared to fight off the social pressure to eat all day long. I personally think it’s much easier and more enjoyable to plan to eat bigger on game day with a lower calorie day before game day.

So what if you’re not heading to the game and just like to watch at home, that should be easy right? It might not be.

I was watching football this weekend and noticed that most of the commercials during the broadcast are for food. I can’t imagine watching a commercial and heading out to buy food, but I’m sure it makes a subconscious dent after seeing it over and over again.

Maybe the reason I felt like eating chicken wings last night was from all those commercials during the day…

Regardless if you go to the game or watch at home there will be the temptation of eating LOTS of food. It’s probably easier to just go with it and make game day a bigger eating day instead of fighting it.

One thing I like to do is called “bookending” the weekend with two Eat Stop Eat style fasts to keep the overall weekly calories in control.

If I know I’m gonna watch football on the weekend I ‘bookend’ the weekend with a fast on friday and another one on monday. This way I can go with the flow of whatever food festivities are going on during the weekend and not gain any weight (and likely lose weight).

This is a great diet hack if you really like game time eating.