That’s not good for “YOU”

It's all about YOU

“That’s not good for YOU”

“That’s not healthy for YOU”

How often have you heard these two claims from someone who is neither a health professional or even in any sort of physical shape that you would consider desirable?

It’s is quite common for someone who is overweight or out of shape to comment on what is good or not good for YOU in many areas of health and fitness.

Picture this scenario:

You’re out with some friends, you’ve been doing really well on  Eat Stop Eat or some other weight loss program and you decide that tonight you’re going to have a few slices of pizza just because you can and you want to. Then someone else at the table says “eating all that pizza isn’t healthy for YOU”. I’m sure this scenario doesn’t sound out of the ordinary.

Now picture the same scenario and that same person saying “eating all of that pizza wouldn’t be healthy for me”.

Sounds a lot different doesn’t it! A lot less judgmental, and it sounds like that person would actually be taking responsibility for themselves instead of finger pointing and preaching to you.

This is a fundamental problem we face when other people who are casual consumers of health and fitness media start taking it upon themselves to tell you what they think is good for you. This allows them to sit in the background out of the spotlight and make you and your dietary and fitness habits the center of attention and scrutiny. This is both unfair and ignorant.

The next time this happens to you just flip the logic to aim the conversation back at them and say “thank you for sharing your opinion on what is healthy for me, but I’d really like to know what you think is healthy for YOU and what you’re doing about it”

…in most cases this should shut them up.