Target Protein, Target Calories?

You don't need to hit the bullseye every day to lose weight or gain muscle

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about specific dietary protein content for muscle building as well as specific daily calories for weight loss.

I usually answer with a general range of what is most likely going to be adequate. This however never seems to be a good enough answer. It seems that many people think there is an exact number of calories they must eat per day to lose a specific amount of weight (ex: 1 pound of fat loss per week)

Same with muscle building. Some guys think that they must eat a precise amount of protein each day in order to build a specific amount of muscle.

In both cases this is a flawed way of thinking. We can never know with certainty exactly how many calories we’re consuming or burning on any given day.

Likewise we have no idea how many grams of protein it actually takes to support muscle building.

Instead we have general ranges that we can approximate to be effective. The key here is that they’re ranges and not exact numbers.

If your goal is weight loss, then a calorie deficit (no matter how big or small) is your daily goal. There is a whole range of calories you can eat to achieve this (ex: if your BMR is 1900, any amount of calories less than 1900 with contribute to weight loss)

The specifics don’t matter, just the general trend.