Swimming Up Stream For Weight Loss


It’s day four of our stay in Barbados and it’s time to check out and go home. I’m sitting in the ‘executive lounge’ while I’m typing this and there is a free buffet here all day, and it’s pretty difficult to sit here and work without eating copious amounts of food.

All the knowledge and planning in the world about diet and weight loss will do you no good if you put yourself in an environment that is not conducive to weight loss…lucky thing for me my goal isn’t to lose weight on this trip!

When I peak out from behind this computer screen I notice other people in the room eating massive amounts of food and it’s only 7:30am!

It’s highly unlikely that this will be the only major meal of these people’s day. In other words, there is a high likelihood that they’re all going to be 1000’s of calories in excess by the time they go to bed tonight.

Unlimited access to cheap/free food is part of why so many people struggle with their weight. It’s simply too easy to eat too often in our current societies.

This is why dieting for weight loss takes constant attention. If you don’t have an eye and mind towards how much and how often you’re eating the general trend will always to be more food never less.

The lone person attempting to lose weight is truly the one fish trying to swim upstream, every movement requires significant effort in the opposite direction of the rest of society.

…but I digress, it’s time to get a croissant!