Super Bowl Eat a Thon

Today is one of the biggest eating days in north america. It’s the super bowl celebration Eat-a-Thon.

I’m going to one our favorite local sports bars with some buddies where we will indulge on all you can eat chicken wings, pizza, nacho’s, beer, and all other forms of sports bar/pub food.

Tomorrow and Tuesday will be a lower calorie days to keep me right where I need to be.

Nothing special, just accounting for today’s overage with a couple days of lower calorie eating.

The key thing is to pay attention to the degree which we can all overeat in one day vs undereat.

Obviously the lowest amount of calories I can eat in one day is zero. Since my 24hr BMR is about 1900 calories, that means it will take me a full day of fasting to compensate for overeating by 1900 calories.

I’m guessing I’ll eat about 3500 calories today, so that’ll put me about 1600 above what I needed for the day. So tomorrow and Tuesday I’ll shoot for an 800 calorie deficit both days and by Wednesday I’ll be back to even.