Strength Loss After Sickness

I’m going to try and hit the gym today. It’s been 6 days since I’ve done any weight training while I was sick from food poisoning.

This is a good experiment on muscle atrophy and strength gain/loss.

During the past week I’ve been dehydrated, I”ve eating very little food and almost zero protein. My average protein intake per day has probably been under 25 grams.

By conventional fitness and bodybuilding wisdom I should be all but completely wasted to nothing by now considering I haven’t had a chance to eat a full days worth of protein yet or hit the gym.

The reality is I’ll probably be no different than I was 6 days ago (besides a bit leaner from eating less)

If you’re consistently weight training your muscles will not atrophy if you take a week off. It’s just not that big of a deal, and in many cases it might be a welcome rest and recovery period.

Once I finish my workout I’ll report in on strength and energy vs a regular workout and we’ll see how close I am to normal.