Scientific Method: Hypothesis

As if I'm using a picture of a red head!
I know, as if I chose a picture of a red head!

After observation the hypothesis is the next step of the scientific method. This is the part when we come up with our best guess at what might be happening. Any experimenting you do is designed to test if your hypothesis is accurate.

BUT, and this is a big BUT…You have to do background research to make sure you have all of your facts straight before you even bother formulating your hypothesis.

This is where non-scientists fall short cuz doing research is boring and tedious and most people don’t want to do it. (this unfortunately doesn’t stop people from voicing an opinion on most topics)

You and I can contemplate a better solution to obesity or how to build a more fuel efficient car all day, but until we really dig into all the published research in both these areas we’ll probably come up with a lame hypothesis because we’re missing most of the picture. (incidentally this is why our uninformed opinions don’t matter on most topics)

This is also why people spend years researching a given field before they start making their own hypothesis.

Once you become an expert in your field you end up with the uncomfortable but necessary realization of ‘knowing what you don’t know’.

Note: The worst kind of fool is someone who doesn’t know what they don’t know or the proverbial “blind leading the blind’.

Basically the more you learn the more you will realize how much you don’t know, and this is the key to asking a better question to get closer to a real answer…kinda ironic isn’t it.