Real Weight Loss Is Simple, Nutritionism Is Complicated.

Food choices shouldn't be this complicated.

Dieting for weight loss is the simplest thing you could ever do. Just eat less, however the fitness marketing world tries to complicate the issue. Consumers also appreciate complicated stories because it gives them an endless list of excuses to explain away their inability to lose weight.

Some one made a comment the other day about the specific absorption rates of fats vs carbs vs protein and thought that this someone changes the rules of weight loss being simply less calories.

Even if certain macro nutrients absorb to a higher or lower percentage it doesn’t change the fact that less total calories is what is required for weight loss.

The equation (no matter what foods you’re choosing to eat) is always the same, and that is:

The amount of the specific foods you’re currently eating + the amount of specific exercise you’re currently doing = How you look right now.

Simply reducing the amount of this same mix of food will cause you to lose weight regardless if you’re eating high or low carb, fast or slow absorbing proteins, and more or less complete absorbing macro nutrients.

The alternative is going on an impossible mission of overhauling your entire diet to select food that have lower absorption rates than others and a lower Glycemic index, and lower sugar content, and lower saturated and trans fats. and higher essential fat’s, and more fiber, and slower releasing protein blah blah blah…ridiculous.

Just eat what you like…but eat less of it.