Processed vs Natural Foods

Yesterdays exercise produced some similar themes, one of them was the idea that ‘processed’ foods were generally regarded as bad and ‘natural’ foods were generally regarded as good.

Is the strawberry 'natural' and the cheesecake 'processed'?

So can anyone define ‘processed’ for me and what part of the processing makes a food ‘bad’?

What process are you talking about? what exactly happens to the food during this process that makes it worse than before it went through the process?

What does ‘natural’ mean?

Why would something that is ‘natural’ be better than something that is…’processed’? (I don’t even know what the opposite of natural is…unnatural?)

My definition of a good or bad food is as follows:

Good food: Any food that you enjoy eating and fits within your health fitness and lifestyle goals.

Bad food: Any food that does not fit within your health fitness and lifestyle goals.

For me the goal is to eat foods I enjoy while maintaining a lean muscular body while keeping any measurable marker of disease risk low (blood parameters such as cholesterol, LDL/HDL, fasting glucose, fasting insulin, triglyercides, Blood pressure and heart rate)

And finally the goal is also to reduce stress, and specifically stress associated with eating and food.