Who Controls How Much Food You Eat?

If you have a weight loss, general health or some other body shape goal (like building muscle) you will have to pay attention to your food intake. Both the total calories and to some degree the types of calories you’re consuming. Waitress serving wings and beer

That doesn’t sound too controversial on the surface. But it gets much more complicated when you consider all the factors that will influence how much food you eat namely:

1. The amount of food that is served to you.
2. The size of plate you’re eating that food off of
3. The size of package the food comes in (for example eating m&m’s from a larger or smaller bag)
4. How quickly and often the table you are sitting at gets cleaned off.
5. The eating habits of those around you

As you can see none of these factors have anything to do with things like hunger or your fitness and health goals. They are much more tied to the social aspects of eating. And they are very powerful influences on your eating patterns, I’d even say they might have a bigger influence on the way you eat than things like hunger or fitness or health goals.

This last point is obvious. After all, how many people want to lose weight but continue to overeat.

Being aware that these factors can and will influence your food choices will help you work with or around them to get your body where you want it to be.

I’ll bet that you can think of people in your life right now who can get you to eat more than you like, and others who you end up eating less when you’re around them.

This is almost inevitable as we are very social beings and end up mimicking the behaviors of people around us all the time.

pay attention when you’re eating, who you’re eating with and where you are when you’re eating. Each of these factors make a bigger difference than you think. Know how your surroundings affect you is the first step to putting yourself in the best situations for success on an ongoing basis.