Overeating at Holidays and Parties

The Saints won a great game yesterday and while they were doing it we consumed copious amounts of chicken wings, pizza, nachos and beer.

Congrats to Drew Brees and the Saints, Superbowl Champs.

And then I got to thinking about how often people in north america (and I’m sure all over the world) get together to celebrate various events and holidays with large feasts.

This is just a short list of event that involve a significant degree of overeating:

1. Thanksgiving

2. Christmas

3. Easter

4. Halloween (not a formal dinner, just way too much candy and chocolate)

5. Superbowl

6. 4th of July (USA) July 1st (Canada)

7. Your birthday

8. Your significant others birthday

9. The birthday of anyone in your family

10. Aug 1st long weekend

11. New Years Eve

12. St Patricks Day (Beer, lots of beer)

13. Any long weekend in the summer that I haven’t mentioned

And I’m sure there are many other days that are special in your yearly routine that I haven’t even mentioned here. Most social gatherings around holidays and big events usually revolve around some sort of feast. If you attend these holiday gatherings and partake in the feast then you probably eat well above your BMR for that day.

Lets say you had 15 big overeating events (like the list above) per year. If you overeat by a total of 1500 calories on the day of each event, and went back to eating at BMR maintenance for the rest of the year you would still likely gain over 6 lbs of fat each year.

And in reality I’m probably being conservative. In many cases every single weekend of the year has at least one big night out of eating for many people…but I’m sure you get the point.

Every time you have a big eating day, you have to offset it with a small eating day otherwise those extra calories will be stored as fat and never be burned off. It’s just simple accounting and budgeting that most of us forget to do.

So like I said in yesterdays post, today is about a 1000-1100 calorie day for me, and tomorrow will be the same. This should offset the extra calories I ate at our superbowl party on sunday.