Nobody Wants to be Obese

In yesterdays word association game there was one word that seem to get the most negative associations to it. The word was OBESE.

This guy looks happy to me!

It seems that you definitely don’t have a positive view of that word and whatever that word means to you.

Words like ‘sad’ and ‘horrific’ came out for this one. None of the other words seem to invoke quite this level of response.

For almost any other word there were at least some responses that fell on both the positive or negative side of the spectrum ie: sugar was called sweet and poison.

But the word “obese” got negative words associated with it across the board.

So in light of my previous post from a few weeks about excess body fat being repulsive I’m trying to get to the bottom of each persons response to this particular word.

Can you elaborate on your responses to the word ‘obese’. Why did you respond the way you did, can you think about it for a minute and write me a description (if you don’t mind sparing the time).